What to expect at your first chair massage

Many of us have schedules that are so hectic, we do not seem to find the time to unwind and deal with mental stress and physical aches and pains. It doesn’t have to be that way. Chair massage is a convenient solution.








The chair massage is done in a specially designed chair that supports all areas of your body. This allows you to relax much more than sitting in an office chair. It positions your body to be conveniently worked on by a well-trained therapist. This position allows intensive work in specific areas or relaxation techniques in a more general approach. Not only will you receive a massage but you will get education on your body and what you may be doing to harm it.

The massage is done fully clothed and lasts 10 minutes or more.

Chair Massage is offered by New Life Massage for our corporate clients at their locations on an every-other-week basis. We provide 10-minute massages for $10 per session. Sessions are fantastic for headaches, migraines, carpal-tunnel-like symptoms, lower back pain and many other issues. It is also great for a stress-busting, relaxing, rejuvenating break.

Massages are done in a private, relaxing room. You can schedule online. If you have any questions, let us know or stop by when the therapist is on-site.