Denny Fitterling

About Denny

In 1990 Denny began his journey as a licensed massage therapist (LMT).  He was previously the owner of Massage Masters for 20 years, a well-respected massage company offering full body and chair massage in numerous locations in the KC metro area.  During that time he hired, trained and supervised numerous therapists and employees as well as personally performing over 15,000 hours of massage.  Since 2004, he has served as a vice-chairperson for the Missouri State Board of Therapeutic Massage.

In 2011, Denny re-imaged his company when he and several of his therapists became New Life Massage.

Prior to becoming a therapist Denny was a computer programmer with Kansas City Power & Light.  Taking that knowledge to the next generation, he taught Computer Science classes at Longview Community College and Central Missouri State University (CMSU).  In 2002 he was an instructor at Core Star School of Energy Healing.

When asked about other benefits he brings to the table (no pun intended), he responds, “Sports activities have given me a great deal of experience working with sports injuries (my own and others’), body mechanics and peak performance techniques.  I find I can take the sports techniques and slightly modify them to create a uniquely rejuvenating feeling during relaxation massages.”

Ask him about the power of energetic healings and it will be difficult to rein him in!

Denny Excels In…